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Saree is the traditional dress in India, and also we can say that India is a plethora of sarees. Some of the best known types of sarees in every state developed in India.

So many different states of India produce unique high quality sarees.
If you love traveling and find yourself in a state famous for her saree, then you will definitely want to buy a few.
Every state in India has its own produce special fabric, textures and materials, the attractive and exclusive collection of sarees.While India is known for its silk sarees, Glamour, Orissa in the east, is known for its handloom sarees shapely famous.

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Lehenga saree Draping style:-

The only difference between a Lehenga style saree and a regular saree is that it requires no folding to form the front. Folds are by inserts on the front, which is an extended view, the main feature of a lehenga style saree is replaced.

The method of draping saree in lehenga style is very simple and easy as explained below:

Step 1 -
Be ready to attract lehenga style saree petticoat (inner skirt) and blouse or choli wear.

Step 2 -
Tuck the plain end of the saree starting in the inner skirt or petticoat as regular saree.

Step 3 -
Make a full turn, similar to wearing a regular saree. In this way, you will return to the starting point.

Step 4 -
At this point, the folds are formed in a regular saree, but in a lehenga style saree or saree we continue to wrap around the waist and in the inner skirt properly.

Step 5 -
Make sure that you are well in saree petticoat, while the same saree and parallel to the floor. In addition, you can wear your high heels, so it did not show under the saree. It kills good looks saree. Saree should reach the ground (when completed) even after wearing shoes.

Step 6 -
Now take the pallu of the saree at the back, below the right shoulder to the left, as in the case of regular saree arm rest.

All the best. Does lehenga saree look with gorgeous model as well.

You can watch related video of Lehenga saree draping style here:-

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Bridal saree :-

Bridal saree1
1) The bridal saree are much more gorgeous in look.The sari is a Sanskrit word meaning strips of fabric derived a long rectangular piece of cloth that as long as 9 meters. The fabric draped over the body in various ways, and women wear Ravika with a choli or the blouse and skirt or petticoat for the bottom.  

Bridal saree2

2) The word itself is Sari a corrupted version of the Sanskrit word "sati", the "the fabric strips. Silappadhikaram and Kadambari an ancient Tamil poetry describes women in exquisite drapery or saree. 

Bridal saree3
3) During Natya Shastra, an ancient Indian treatise describing the dance, costumes , states that the navel of the Supreme Being is considered the source of life and creativity of the old, where the stomach should be left bare by the sari so long. sari sari or dress is also mentioned in the world's longest epic Mahabharata.

Bridal saree4

For more info you can visit to:
Bridal saree
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About  Assam style or Mekhla style -
                Generally, this type by Saree  will bears the name "mekhla chaddor."
In fact, it is half an saree. This is because, Saree consists of three parts.
1) The blouse piece:
You receive a piece fur with this Saree tuned as a normal sar ee. The only difference is, they will be already cut and packed. Choose designs Blouse Blouse look attractive.
2) The skirt:
The body of the saree's like a rock. You remember, this is not a ghagra, which may be fitted. You must draped Rock in a certain way.

3) Chaddor:
It's like the "anchal" (pallu) of your Saree, but it differs from a normal saree. It is like a dupatta but the dimensions are a huge scarf. This should over the upper half of the body like the kind and manner you used to a anchal be draped .

Steps To Drape A Saree In Assamese Style:
1) First of the correspondents you blouse and petticoat (must wear the color of your Saree correspond) been stung.

2) Then draped skirt lay over you and  they in a such as Bengali Saree draping style.

3) Two folds in the other through the front plate It would be such as wrinkles you your hands Saree be a clock, then against the clockwise direction.
                        You can watch video of assamese saree draping style here:-

 4) Drape a Chaddor is the tricky part. There are essentially two types of cover of the saree here
i) First, you can drape a saree than normal. Start you your wrinkles Chaddor the end and slide the page of the left end the waist. Wrap the rest of the Chaddor around your hips and drape the rest on the chest.
ii) Second, there are the newest type of wearing the Chaddor (like a half Saree). Tuck one end of the canvas on the right forehead side of the waist. Wrap the remaining length in a complete circle around the hips. Hang you the remaining chaddor on the shoulders from the rear into imitation of a Gujrati 'Pallu.
In order a saree drape in a style for Assamese Bihu would certainly be easier with these measures.
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About Maharastrian Saree style -

The nauvari Maharashtrian style saree draping  involves wearing the nine yards of fabric in a style that is traditional in the region. In South India, the madisar nine meters also symbolizes the unity of male and female principles of the universe. The saree pleats and the pallu (the upper part of the decorative saree), and the floor looks like a dhoti.This as ardhanareeswara (half man, half woman).
There are many different styles of Saree draping.The things that you are draped saree for
1) Blouse
2) petticoat
3) Fabric Sari
4) Safety Pins

Saree Draping Steps -

1 )First Tuck the end, simply Saree petticoat and continue to return to a complete rotation from right to left. Fit the bottom of the saree to the height you need. Ideally wear your footwear so that you drape the saree to the right length comfortabely.
You can watch video of maharastrian saree draping style here:-

2) Create pleats with the saree. About 7-9 wrinkles would most sarees. Here it is important to see that the pleats are even and fall straight.

3) Tuck the pleats into the waist petticoat, taking care that the pleats are turned towards the left.

4 )The remaining portion of the saree must be turned to the body and then draped over the left shoulder once.
5 )Arrange the pleats on this part of the saree and then pin on the left shoulder to prevent the pallu from falling.

Prior to drape a saree, make sure you wear a well-fitting blouse and a flared skirt petticoat.Never. Getting a fall stitched on the saree bottom ensures a better drape.Use a pin to secure the pallu to the blouse to prevent the saree from falling.        


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About Bengali Tradition: -

Here are some ideas that will help you transform your look in Bengali flavor could.
If you plan to attend a function, try gold jewelry couple since Bengal "in the rule of gold" When used jewelry occasionally like to go a little easy, however. beautiful and should not be developed.  A big round bindi always full (of any color) with Bengali flavor.  You can link your saree with jute shoes and bags.

Saree Draping Steps: -

If you watched Devdas or Parineeta, we already have an idea of ​​littile bit about what is meant by the traditional Bengali style of wearing sarees. With small folds and wrinkles, this style requires that you are the perfect saree in way.Here the steps that you must follow during your saree draped in this way:
 1 )First go along the waist in saree petticoat and then start with the area around your navy and go left to a full circle and return to the right of your navy.

2) Now, through the saree once again is on the left, but this time, you should not have a full rotation, as you did in step 1. Do it once and insert it again (on the left side, near the waist).

3) Now take the saree is on the right side of the front, so that it passes through the pleats in the front. This time you take it back to the right and slide around the abdomen (the area of ​​the front of the body between the chest and waist).

You can watch video of bengali saree draping style here:-

4) After enjoying it, take the remaining part of the saree and drape comfortably along the chest, make clean folds and resting on the left shoulder. Insert the folds with your coat on the shoulder. The limit should depend on the left side of the knee, at this stage.

5 ) Well, to bring this zamindari Bengali flavor, get your hands on a key ring and tie a knot with the keychain and Pallu (anchal). As for convenience, take the pallu corner when the key is attached to conveniently covered by the right hand and then you can Pallu along the right shoulder. Alternatively, the pallu can also carelessly fall forward onto the right shoulder.

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Embroidered Sequins saree:-

Sequins embroidered saree
There are different types of saree like embroidery saree,cross stitch materials, sewing sarees, embroidered sequins saree etc. India is famous for its instruction and various forms of needlework or embroidery work in saree.

Sequins embroidered saree1



Sequins embroidered saree2
The right choice for the coming festivals,parties or embroidery saree weddings.This types of saree  in high demand these days. These sarees are comfortable in any festival,occasioins and in weddings too.
Sequins embroidered saree3

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Double drap saree draping style:-

One of these popular and elegant style is the double draped saree. It has a double effect, creating a slimmer look at a person's body and 80's, in a fashionable way. Eyes As the name suggests, this is not another model Saree, but he became the model of a normal saree draping.

Step 1 -
The saree is double time, where, the saree to meet again and draped wrapped around the tight belly after wrapping the folds of the saree.

Step 2 -
The rest of the saree is draped in the traditional way on the right shoulder (see below, step by step method to learn).

Step 3 -
Two draped saree with decisions, to use your creative instincts left. Some subtle changes can also cause a lot of drama. With another Pallu and accessories neck, a great effect can be produced.

Step 4 -
To look elegant and innovative double pallu draped saree can also be done on the right arm instead of the shoulder.

Step 5 -
Be simply draping a beautiful saree designer full body work twice, while the pallu around hands.

You can watch related video of double drape saree draping style:-

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Saree draping in corgi style-

Step 1 -
Saree draping style for corgi we go back, hold the plain end of the saree and petticoat cord plugged into the back.

Step 2 -
Well, take draped go around counter-clockwise as you look down.

Step 3 -
After completing a round of draping make at least 6-7 folds on the sheet.

Step 4 -
Keep your saree pleats together and slide it into the rear apron.

Step 5 -
Bring the rest of the saree round to the front, with the top edge horizontally across the chest.

Step 6 -
And again, do back and saree pallu corner of the form the back right shoulder forward, pinning there. In place with brooch pin it.

you can watch related video of corgi saree draping style here:-

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Printed saree:-

1) The fascinating printed sarees of  are known for their intricate designs made​​. The hand printed saree products traded by us are one of our specialties. The fascinating range of attractive printed silk saree that are specially designed to give glamorous beauty for contemporary women.

2) A recent development of a highly skilled team of designers and other artists made ​​it possible for Resham Ghar its customers a high-quality team designer label suits with a very different style.

3) The use of materials and exploration of new techniques all have a well-established name for Resham Ghar developed than in silk print quality. Resham Ghar have been at the forefront in developed countries tend printer port in country.

4) A majority of the silk in India is produced in Karnataka State, particularly in Mysore and Bangalore north. "Murshidabad silk", famous from historical times, is produced and woven with looms in Birbhum and Murshidabad especially in Malda and Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Another place famous for production of silk is Bhagalpur. It also offers silk saree in color, designs and bright and attractive prints printed. 

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Simple Saree Draping Style:-

Step 1 -
The height of the heel is important to determine where the bottom of the saree should reach. For some sarees can be transparent, try to wear a skirt (peticoat).

Step 2 -                 
Hold the saree so that the decline is facing you. The case is a long piece of cotton unadorned.

Step 3 -
Wrap the saree around the waist and plug it again. The pallu (decorated side) should be outside.

Step 4 -
Wrap it around again, but not creep pull pallu until it is as long as your arm stretched when you. Your arm at your side Go over your shoulder.

Step 5 -
Pull the fabric and put it in 3 to 4 inches on the left side of the navel.


Step 6 -
Fold it. Stretch your left hand and hold the fabric with your thumb and forefinger. Wrap the cloth with the right thumb and pinky fingers keep up with changing hand.Through. You should end up with 5-6 folds, but you can have more than that.

Step 7 -                        
Go into your wrinkles. It's a good idea to put the folds together so that they stay in place all day. Generally 20 cm below the waist a good style of saree draping basis.

Step 8 -
Saree drape around you, from left to right and over the shoulder.

Step 9 -
Secure the end of your shoulder with a safety pin.
Now look at your self with a simple style of saree draping.

You can watch related video of simple saree draping style here:-

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Saree Draping in Gujarati  Style:-

Step 1 -
Gujarati style, wrap the saree around the waist once from right to left.
Step 2 -
Make folds similar to the normal saree and put the Star saree so that the decline is facing you. The case is a long piece of cotton unadorned.
Step 3 -
Wrap the saree around the waist and plug it again. The pallu (decorated side) should be outside.
Step 4 -
Wrap it around again, but not creep pull pallu until it is as long as your arm stretched when you. Your arm at your side Go over your shoulder.
Pull the fabric and put it in 3 to 4 inches on the left side of the navel.
Step 5 -
Fold it. Stretch your left hand and hold the fabric with your thumb and forefinger. Wrap the fabric with the right hand in the thumb and little finger keep up with changing fingers. You should end up with 5-6 folds, but you can have more wrinkles.
Step 6 -
Gujarati style of pallu is pleated at the end, as shown on the left and on the right shoulder from behind. The pleated pallu falls to thigh.
Step 7 -
The free edge of the pallu spread across the chest, wrapped around the waist and noticed the left side or at the back of the blouse.
Step 8
Each saree has a smooth texture flowy looks great when worn in the Gujarathi style.

You can watch related video of gujarati saree draping style here:-

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Paithani saree:-

Paithani saree style         

1) It is a kind of Paithani saree after the Paithan region in Maharashtra state where they are woven by hand named. Made from very fine silk, it is considered one of the richest saree in Maharashtra.

2) A Paithani saree is a gold and silk. In the revival of Paithani weaving, the production was directed: towards export requirements, while sarees were produced only for sophisticated buyers. Paithani saree has evolved from a cotton base to a basic style silk.

3) silk was used in the construction of the frame and limits, while cotton was used in the body of the fabric. Today Paithani saree is no trace of cotton.

Paithani saree style1
Paithani saree work design

4) Paithani saree Limits by an oblique square and a pallu with a peacock design from Plain and spotted designs are available. Among other varieties are colorful graphics and simple color kaleidoscope popular saree.

5) kaleidoscope effect is obtained by using one color for weaving length and another for weaving width.

Paithani saree work design2

6) These accessories are patterns in all sorts of colors, designs and styles. You are in one hand and specially woven.
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Bomkai Saree-1
 Bomkai saree :-

1)Bomaki saree is Most famous saree in Sambalpur, Orissa.

2)Bomkai saree is closely related to cotton son down counting and color majorly heavy and warm colors woven composite.

3)Bomkai sarees are known as Sonepuri saree and is majorly in cotton and silk.

Bomkai Saree-2
Bomkai Saree-3