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Tanchoi saree:-

  1) Using a procedure similar to brocade,
Tanchoi silk saree style

Weavers of Banaras weave colorful saree
Dental floss extraweft for forming patterns. This
known as Tanchoi varieties.

2) Tanchoi Saree is woven in brocade and turns connected to technically complex tissues, because he often has a son or two warp and two before five shots colors in the same stable. High density patterns, heavy fabric is created without floating on the back.

Tanchoi maroon saree

Green Tanchoi saree

3) This saree satin weave is brocaded with elaborate designs from the Jacquard Shawl Kashmiri tradition, characteristic of all paisley pattern. The field layer jacquard paisley distributed densely minute style.

4) The end panel has large motifs of multiple paisley forms another on the other. The border and the border against the end plate, have miniature paisley creepers.

5) Tanchoi saree fabric has remarkable fame in India and across the world wide acceptance for all types of people.

6) The saree is Tanchoi traditional sarees from Surat. The weavers of Gujarat are to weave these simple variation of silk saree in India.

7) In the history of Saree Tanchoi are Tanchoi brocades from China. This type of saree was introduced in India through trade in advanced courses Parsi, China and England and India of the nineteenth century.

Jamwar tanchoi shawl

banarasi tanchoi shawl

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