Monday, 6 May 2013

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Saree draping in corgi style-

Step 1 -
Saree draping style for corgi we go back, hold the plain end of the saree and petticoat cord plugged into the back.

Step 2 -
Well, take draped go around counter-clockwise as you look down.

Step 3 -
After completing a round of draping make at least 6-7 folds on the sheet.

Step 4 -
Keep your saree pleats together and slide it into the rear apron.

Step 5 -
Bring the rest of the saree round to the front, with the top edge horizontally across the chest.

Step 6 -
And again, do back and saree pallu corner of the form the back right shoulder forward, pinning there. In place with brooch pin it.

you can watch related video of corgi saree draping style here:-

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