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Pochampalli Saree:-
Pochamapalli saree

1) Pochampalli in Nalgonda District (Andhra Pradesh) is famous for its ikat saree. It is not the only city where ikat sarees are woven, but like many other towns in Nalgonda, Hyderabad and Guntur districts as Chirala, Golgonda Jalna and some of the famous Pochampally Ikat Saree centers are.

2) Ikat weaving is called by the name of the thesis statement Chit-ku in places. The tip of the saree has a number of bands of different widths descending in size from large areas of the central band.These were embellished only with weft ikat dyed son was called Zjanani.

Pochampalli saree style

 3) The Long Saree 8 meters (26 feet) has ikat bands at the end, and that was that woven in Pochampally. The properties of the Pochampally Ikat sarees are structural in the big, bold and bright style.

Pochampalli silk work design

4) The modernization of thought and choice inspired craftsmen to modern design, abstract, modern and geometric are creating, with many bright colors.

5) The modern ikat design Pochampalli have their roots in the types rumal.This silk saree are a glamorous look with a lady.

Pochampalli saree1

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