Monday, 6 May 2013

Posted by Unknown On 05:19
Mumtaz saree draping style:-

This is a very innovative style. Saree is here to give twice a slim rounded effect. It is difficult to go into this sheet. This cloth is good for saree with heavy or embroidered borders.
Step 1: -
At first, you shuold follow all steps of the simple style draped saree.

Step 2: - 
You just need additional step you need to do is -----

This variant of the traditional saree (pun intended) only requires an additional step. The "pallu" should be kept longer, so you can wrap it before throwing draped over your shoulder in Mumtaz style saree draping.Its very simle and easy way saree around your waist once (or more).

You can watch the related video of mumtaz saree draping style here:-