Saturday, 4 May 2013

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Bapta Saree:-

1) The weaving of cotton and silk Bapta is basically a design of the famous Sambalpuri saree.Bapta All that is such a saree has his name in the fabric. The originality of the sarees is "Baandha` or `ikat.

2) This technique of batik son everything you shoot on a solid model.

Bapta saree design

The traditional saree Bapta elegant style, color and softness of the fabric. This has increased the popularity and is now in high demand.

3) is given on the banks of the saree twisting and bending the continuous weaving While the `Aanchal" (Pallu) a glamorous beautiful saree at all.

4) It is amazing to know that sooner wool weavers and Lotus used instead of shares of cotton and silk son. Bapta saree takes time there `s almost a week to reach the end. The use of delicate design, weaving and quality consistency has Bapta saree brand icon style.

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