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Ikkat saree-
1)Ikkat saree
Ikkat saree1

is the traditional saree produced in Orissa. Manufacturing process involves a detailed saree ikkat practice of tie-dye in which the selected son are bound and immersed in a variety of colors and the fine art of weaving is followed Anything. Ultimately in several colors and patterns suggestive drawings

2) The string Batik Both are still treated by the process of the meticulous weaving to create designs on the saree fabric. Beautiful designs of the story, mythological tales and nature inspired when mixed with vibrant colors to add grace thesis ikkat saree.

Ikkat saree design1


3) Double ikat saree in all technical warp and weft are resist dyed before on trade.

Ikkat saree2

4) Double ikat saree is produced in only three countries, India, Japan and Indonesia.
5) Double Ikat Saree SareeJapan is a kind of kasuri.

Ikkat saree design


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