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Jamdani saree-
Jamdani saree

1) The Jamdani weaving tradition is region.Jamdani Bengali sarees from other varieties by its fine texture resembling muslin and the elaborate and ornate workmanship excel.

2) These sarees have multicolored linear or floral patterns all over the body years exquisitely designed elaborate pallu. The mango pattern means fertility, growth and martial bliss, all that is a very popular motif in Jamdani saree. It feels supple to the touch and drapes are gently to reveal the contours of the wearer.

Jamdani saree

3) It is one of the most time and labor intensive forms of weaving loom weaving. In the first half of the nineteenth century, James Taylor described the gold floral Jamdani saree thought in the late nineteenth century, TN Mukharji Based on this tissue as Jamdani muslin.

4) Whether Figured or flowered, Jamdani is a fabric made ​​of cotton, and it is without doubt one of the varieties of the finest muslin.

5) It is-was typically spoken of as the most artistic textile of Bangladesh weaver.Jamdani is a fine cotton cloth All All the decorative patterns are woven on the loom, in gray and white.
Often a blend of cotton and gold thread is used.
Jamdani saree

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