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Tamilian-style saree draping:-

There are no hard and fast on the length of the fabric folds or made by the number of them usually. The number of layers and the size of them has to do with the length of the saree you and your body measurements. We can also drape pinkosu with a 8-9 pleats saree if you are plus sized yard. There are many options.
Step 1: -

Step 2:-

Place the bundle of pleats at the waist center back with the first fold on your body and wrapping saree on the right hip.Now left lift folds up to about 5-6 "on your waist and hold it there with your left hand. With your right hand, bring the rest of the saree wrapped clockwise in the stomach on the left hip and back around, wrapping the saree at the door. further winding on the right hip again.

Step 3:-
 Once-the saree wrapped tightly around the right hip again, you can leave the folds. They will flop at the top edge to the outside and kept by him - as long as you keep a taughtness the top of the right hand.

Step 4: -
The node is formed by pinching a length of up
Border with the right and left hand and tie perfect navel. Chantal Boulanger as "nodes of an inch." The less loose as possible to save the length, but usually sufficient to keep a straight grain to fall to the bottom of Use.

Step 5: -

Step 6: -
The first passage in the body, the first layer. Pull and turn outward, it can be adjusted in length to a smooth arc between the navel and the bottom of the first fold will make pleat.The area or arranged evenly around the waist. Based on the beam Mundi creases and fall perfectly in size is also cute.

Step 7: -
The design of the mundi back to size is a 3/4 of the left hip. The mundi can be pulled all the way from harness and tucked into regular folds around to the back. Central node before if you need to work in the fields, or walk quickly put the fabric on the left thigh wander entering the tissue in the hip or thigh and the return to this size. It causes a bit of a drive to the front so that there is more room for a bigger stride. It also shows the stack of items down in the back which can look really good. A little of this helps a lot to determine the feasibility of this page.
Step 8: -
Leaving the node on the left side of the upper edge will be thrown over the left shoulder. Draw the east on the right side a few inches over the edge node and put it in the back of the waist on the right side.

step 9:-
Take only enough fabric to hide your right breast and keep safe at the waist.
A small nodes with this time because it will help them stay in place. 
bottom margin is set so that it makes a nice straight line hangs from the left shoulder to the floor.

Step 10: -
The Pallu can in any way you want to be draped. If you do not wear a petticoat, you can mask over your lower half fold pallu end and drape it around her chest and take the left hip.

Step 11: -              
I love the look of Twist Pallu stays where it drapes on the left shoulder and wearing the saree twisted rope to the correct size and on the front, back hanging by the left hip and left the rest saree.
The Pallu can in any way you want to be draped.

You can the other method ..

Method 2: -
First saree wrap around the waist, the pleats on the left is positioned leg.The saree is over the left shoulder, wrapped once again round the waist and pushed to the left.