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Sambalpuri Saree:-
sambalpuri saree style

1) Sambalpuri saree is a traditional hand-woven saree ikkat. Traditional pattern beautiful as shankha (shell), chakra (wheel) Phula (flower), differentiate traditional sarees .

2) This type of saree is also known as Sambalpuri ikkat. It is produced in Bargarh, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Balangir district of Orissa. This is a hand woven silk saree and beautifully woven Pallu.
3) The chessboard as prints on the entire length of the saree with square white and black / red (any color) function, it is beautiful.

sambalpuri design

4) Sambalpuri sarees are known for their traditional motifs as inlay shankha (shell), chakra (wheel) Phula (flower), known all have deep symbolism those seeking the pinnacle of sarees work, is the traditional craft of "Bandhakala '.

5) In general, the cotton sari, Tassar, silk and silk and tussar.
Varieties of the Sambalpuri sari include Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Barpali BAPTA and sarees, all of which are in high demand.
These accessories for the first time outside of the state popular when the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started wearing 'em. In the 1980s and 1990s, they have become popular all over India.

sambalpuri design1


  1. Hi! Sambalpuri cotton sari can be difficult to carry. They tend to stick very close to the legs and movement can get restricted. Any tips to prevent that from happening?