Monday, 6 May 2013

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Double drap saree draping style:-

One of these popular and elegant style is the double draped saree. It has a double effect, creating a slimmer look at a person's body and 80's, in a fashionable way. Eyes As the name suggests, this is not another model Saree, but he became the model of a normal saree draping.

Step 1 -
The saree is double time, where, the saree to meet again and draped wrapped around the tight belly after wrapping the folds of the saree.

Step 2 -
The rest of the saree is draped in the traditional way on the right shoulder (see below, step by step method to learn).

Step 3 -
Two draped saree with decisions, to use your creative instincts left. Some subtle changes can also cause a lot of drama. With another Pallu and accessories neck, a great effect can be produced.

Step 4 -
To look elegant and innovative double pallu draped saree can also be done on the right arm instead of the shoulder.

Step 5 -
Be simply draping a beautiful saree designer full body work twice, while the pallu around hands.

You can watch related video of double drape saree draping style:-


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