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 Tushar silk or Kosa silk :-

Kosa silk saree

1) Tussar silk also known as Kosa silk produced from Tussar silkworms.These silkworms living species and other food crops in Southeast Asia found wild in the trees of Shorea robusta and Terminalia.

2) Kosa silk saree estimated for ICT purity and texture. Work in Kosa silk saree is particularly drawn from cocoons on Arjun, Saja or Sal trees grown. Available in natural or pale, dark, honey, tawny, baccoto beige, cream, etc..

Kosa silk saree1

3) Tussar silk is considered ideal as well as auspicious wear for marriages, religious ceremonies and other important functions, they are a glamorous style.Famous Mayurbhanjh District, Orissa

4) To kill the silkworm cocoons dried in the sun. Where there is a change in the silkworms are allowed to leave before the cocoons soaked in boiling water to soften the silk, then staggered.

Kosa silk work design

Kosa silk work design1

5) Tussar silk saree is much more objective than textured silk cultured It has shorter fibers, everything that makes the least durable. It has a matte gold finish.


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