Monday, 6 May 2013

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Printed saree:-

1) The fascinating printed sarees of  are known for their intricate designs made​​. The hand printed saree products traded by us are one of our specialties. The fascinating range of attractive printed silk saree that are specially designed to give glamorous beauty for contemporary women.

2) A recent development of a highly skilled team of designers and other artists made ​​it possible for Resham Ghar its customers a high-quality team designer label suits with a very different style.

3) The use of materials and exploration of new techniques all have a well-established name for Resham Ghar developed than in silk print quality. Resham Ghar have been at the forefront in developed countries tend printer port in country.

4) A majority of the silk in India is produced in Karnataka State, particularly in Mysore and Bangalore north. "Murshidabad silk", famous from historical times, is produced and woven with looms in Birbhum and Murshidabad especially in Malda and Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Another place famous for production of silk is Bhagalpur. It also offers silk saree in color, designs and bright and attractive prints printed. 

For more info you can visit the site: Printed sarees

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