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Gadwal Saree:- 
Cream-maroon gadwal saree

1) Gadwal sarees with special charcterstics among all sarees.The production site is Gadwal .Gadwal , a small town at a distance of 150 km from Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Most people are used to Gadwal (Andhra Pradesh) come to buy saree.

Gadwal saree

2) Gadwal sarees were known as woven into the frame locking technology "Kupadam." So the name is `Gadwal local" Kudapam saree. "And Gadwal sarees company is now the very peak position. Gadwal is separated in it, what are making.Most Gadwal saree people are making in their homes, and they will sell themselves in their homes.

sico gadwal saree design

3) Gadwal saree are moved to other countries.
The salient feature of the Gadwal saree is that his move their bodies in fine cotton and borders and pallu (saree edge of the tail) madeup of pure silk.

4) Brocaded designs woven into the Gadwal saree represent south Indian cultural patterns. The reasons for the "murrugan" the peacock and rudraksh rule as the famous design.

 5) The material is tussar silk border or mulberry silk cotton silk.The-body theory days resplendent colors, often decorated with silk checks together. This fabulous blend of silk and cotton is the latest trend of sarees, Sico and 50% to 60% cotton and 40% and 50% silk. 

Gadwal saree style

6) The very expensive silk used to make sarees Gadwal, Bangalore, during the real zari, or and silver wire are all intertwined in the base material to give a flower look, is brought from Surat.

7) Beautiful outlook Gadwal sarees due to the immense popularity of textile products in Andhra Pradesh, not only the object in other regions also. To carry people from all over India, and buyers from abroad, a huge fascination for sarees Gadwal.


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