Friday, 3 May 2013

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Kota Doria saree:-

Kota doria saree style

1) Kota sarees are popularly known as 'Masuria' in Kota and "Kota doria known outside the state." Doria "means clustering over.

2) Rajasthan Handloom Development Corporation (HRDC) takes the lead in the production of elements other than Kota Doria saree.

3) They helped produce lampshades, curtains, skirts and salwar-kameez. They helped make even a silk saree on trades Mazury.
4) Kota saree individuality display with a small embroidery and patches border.All is known as "khat".
5) khats are in the basic fabric itself, and in a very skillful way that the fabric is made transparent. These sarees are very delicate, lightweight and porous.

Kota doria saree

6) The beauty of this saree design layout is all that is checked is the specialty of Kota Doria.

Kota doria saree1

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  1. Nice combination of the handloom prints to go with the kota silk sarees. We at Shatika have got am amazing collection of various handloom sarees