Friday, 3 May 2013

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Patola saree:-

Patola saree
1) Patola Saree is famous in Patan, Gujarat, India. They are very popular for their expensive styles.These  silk saree was formerly worn by the royal family.

2) The patola saree is one of the finest produced hand-woven sarees today. These accessories are with resist dyeing techniques.

3) There are two types of Patola saree  and Rajkot  Patan Patola saree. 

patola double ikkat saree1

4) Rajkot patola is only vertically resist dyed (single ikkat). Patan Patola resist horizontal colored (double ikkat).

patola saree work design
Patola double ikkat saree

5) The designs are hand patola pan Bhat - leaf design, rattan chok Bhat - square jewel Popat Kunjar Bhat parrot and elephant design nari Kunjar Bhat - woman and elephant design chhabadi Bhat - basketball design and Vohra bhat Gali - preferred by Muslim Vohra model.

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