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Bridal saree :-

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1) The bridal saree are much more gorgeous in look.The sari is a Sanskrit word meaning strips of fabric derived a long rectangular piece of cloth that as long as 9 meters. The fabric draped over the body in various ways, and women wear Ravika with a choli or the blouse and skirt or petticoat for the bottom.  

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2) The word itself is Sari a corrupted version of the Sanskrit word "sati", the "the fabric strips. Silappadhikaram and Kadambari an ancient Tamil poetry describes women in exquisite drapery or saree. 

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3) During Natya Shastra, an ancient Indian treatise describing the dance, costumes , states that the navel of the Supreme Being is considered the source of life and creativity of the old, where the stomach should be left bare by the sari so long. sari sari or dress is also mentioned in the world's longest epic Mahabharata.

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