Tuesday, 7 May 2013

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Lehenga saree Draping style:-

The only difference between a Lehenga style saree and a regular saree is that it requires no folding to form the front. Folds are by inserts on the front, which is an extended view, the main feature of a lehenga style saree is replaced.

The method of draping saree in lehenga style is very simple and easy as explained below:

Step 1 -
Be ready to attract lehenga style saree petticoat (inner skirt) and blouse or choli wear.

Step 2 -
Tuck the plain end of the saree starting in the inner skirt or petticoat as regular saree.

Step 3 -
Make a full turn, similar to wearing a regular saree. In this way, you will return to the starting point.

Step 4 -
At this point, the folds are formed in a regular saree, but in a lehenga style saree or saree we continue to wrap around the waist and in the inner skirt properly.

Step 5 -
Make sure that you are well in saree petticoat, while the same saree and parallel to the floor. In addition, you can wear your high heels, so it did not show under the saree. It kills good looks saree. Saree should reach the ground (when completed) even after wearing shoes.

Step 6 -
Now take the pallu of the saree at the back, below the right shoulder to the left, as in the case of regular saree arm rest.

All the best. Does lehenga saree look with gorgeous model as well.

You can watch related video of Lehenga saree draping style here:-


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