Sunday, 5 May 2013

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Tant saree :-
Tant saree style1

1) Bengali cotton sarees are commonly called two sarees.Bengali sarees are very famous among the modern Indian women. Bengali sarees are usually made ​​from cotton and is made ​​in a variety of patterns and textures shadows. Another famous variety of Bengali sarees are long, Tangail, silk Baluchari, Korial, degree open, Shantipur, etc. Dhonekhali.

Tant saree style2

2) This saree is known for ICT transparency and weightlessness. It is concentrated in the summer and warm weather. This saree is worn by ladies are all casual and formal events.

3) After each wash and nails character, you will find as good as new.
Bengali sarees are very popular among modern Indian women.

4) Bengali sarees are usually made ​​from cotton and is available in a variety of models and textures shadows. You will be judged as new.
It is considered the most convenient for the Indian saree hot and humid climate.