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Rajshahi saree:-
Rajshahi saree style

1) Rajshahi silk is produced the name for silk products in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. It is a well known name in the field of clothing, especially in sarees.

2) Rajshahi Silk is a delicate and soft fiber produced from the cocoons of silkworms and covered with a 
Rajshahi saree style2

 protein called sericin. Primarily, there are three varieties of silk.
1) mulberry silk
2) Eri (or Endi) and silk
3) Silk Tassar

3) Under the Mulberry silk saree is the most beautiful varieties and is therefore the most valuable.
Sarees and other silk products of Rajshahi are sought after by users at home and abroad.

4) Rajshahi silk saree fabric is available in the colors and patterns for designers. Silk fabric is in the areas of clothing and other purposes.

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