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Banarasi Saree:-
Maroon banrasi saree
1) Varanasi is one of the rich weaving craft     center of India, famous for Brocade saree and dress material allover Utatar Pradesh. 

Varieties of sarees are Jangla style saree ,Tankoy saree style ,Vaskat style saree, style cutwork saree, style  saree and Tishu Butidar style all silk warp and weft silk brocade with additional reasons makes the frame in different layouts Presentation Buties, bells , creepers, 

Buttas into the ground, border and Anchal for the appearance of mirages.

Orange pure banarasi saree

2) These accessories are finely woven silk and are printed with intricate design, and because of this ornate, these sariees are relatively heavy.

3) Depending on the complexity of the design can be a saree anywhere from 15 days to one month and sometimes up to six months in full. Banarasi saree is mainly worn by Indian women on special occasions: for example, when after attending a wedding and should be complemented by the finest jewelry for women.

Banarsi saree

4) In the ancient time Banaras was famous for weaving cotton saree and dress materials, silk weaving slowly drank on, fall on the Moghal period around the 14th to 15 Century, weaving of brocades with gold and silver patterns complexes son was the specialty of Banaras.

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