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About  Assam style or Mekhla style -
                Generally, this type by Saree  will bears the name "mekhla chaddor."
In fact, it is half an saree. This is because, Saree consists of three parts.
1) The blouse piece:
You receive a piece fur with this Saree tuned as a normal sar ee. The only difference is, they will be already cut and packed. Choose designs Blouse Blouse look attractive.
2) The skirt:
The body of the saree's like a rock. You remember, this is not a ghagra, which may be fitted. You must draped Rock in a certain way.

3) Chaddor:
It's like the "anchal" (pallu) of your Saree, but it differs from a normal saree. It is like a dupatta but the dimensions are a huge scarf. This should over the upper half of the body like the kind and manner you used to a anchal be draped .

Steps To Drape A Saree In Assamese Style:
1) First of the correspondents you blouse and petticoat (must wear the color of your Saree correspond) been stung.

2) Then draped skirt lay over you and  they in a such as Bengali Saree draping style.

3) Two folds in the other through the front plate It would be such as wrinkles you your hands Saree be a clock, then against the clockwise direction.
                        You can watch video of assamese saree draping style here:-

 4) Drape a Chaddor is the tricky part. There are essentially two types of cover of the saree here
i) First, you can drape a saree than normal. Start you your wrinkles Chaddor the end and slide the page of the left end the waist. Wrap the rest of the Chaddor around your hips and drape the rest on the chest.
ii) Second, there are the newest type of wearing the Chaddor (like a half Saree). Tuck one end of the canvas on the right forehead side of the waist. Wrap the remaining length in a complete circle around the hips. Hang you the remaining chaddor on the shoulders from the rear into imitation of a Gujrati 'Pallu.
In order a saree drape in a style for Assamese Bihu would certainly be easier with these measures.


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