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About Bengali Tradition: -

Here are some ideas that will help you transform your look in Bengali flavor could.
If you plan to attend a function, try gold jewelry couple since Bengal "in the rule of gold" When used jewelry occasionally like to go a little easy, however. beautiful and should not be developed.  A big round bindi always full (of any color) with Bengali flavor.  You can link your saree with jute shoes and bags.

Saree Draping Steps: -

If you watched Devdas or Parineeta, we already have an idea of ​​littile bit about what is meant by the traditional Bengali style of wearing sarees. With small folds and wrinkles, this style requires that you are the perfect saree in way.Here the steps that you must follow during your saree draped in this way:
 1 )First go along the waist in saree petticoat and then start with the area around your navy and go left to a full circle and return to the right of your navy.

2) Now, through the saree once again is on the left, but this time, you should not have a full rotation, as you did in step 1. Do it once and insert it again (on the left side, near the waist).

3) Now take the saree is on the right side of the front, so that it passes through the pleats in the front. This time you take it back to the right and slide around the abdomen (the area of ​​the front of the body between the chest and waist).

You can watch video of bengali saree draping style here:-

4) After enjoying it, take the remaining part of the saree and drape comfortably along the chest, make clean folds and resting on the left shoulder. Insert the folds with your coat on the shoulder. The limit should depend on the left side of the knee, at this stage.

5 ) Well, to bring this zamindari Bengali flavor, get your hands on a key ring and tie a knot with the keychain and Pallu (anchal). As for convenience, take the pallu corner when the key is attached to conveniently covered by the right hand and then you can Pallu along the right shoulder. Alternatively, the pallu can also carelessly fall forward onto the right shoulder.


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